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Burgess - specialty lighted mirrors / tv mirrors.
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lighted mirrors

Lighted mirrors are the ideal way of both saving space as well as providing energy efficient lighting in your bathroom that is bright and cheerful. Let Burgess help you design a customized mirror with light placement and sizing according to your specifications.

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tv mirrors

A mirror with a TV BUILT RIGHT IN! Imagine.

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Also available are mirror options without the TV.

 A Good Morning... Starts when you turn on your TV Mirror and while doing your daily bathroom routine you are instantly connected to news, weather, sports or even your daily stock report!
A TV Mirror is a functional, fashionable innovation that beautifully brings technology into the bathroom. Our beautiful Mirrors are  designed to allow the brilliant images and colors of our LCD TV to show through when turned on. When turned off the LCD TV completely  disappears leaving only the mirror reflection.

  • High Quality mirror
  • Screen sizes available: 15" LCD, 21” LED HDTV, 26” LED HDTV
  • Surface mount installation
  • Comes with all mounting hardware
  • Easy to install
Burgess Service

Lighting Mirrors Burgess Plumbing

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