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  • Lennox heating and cooling products is our primary brand
  • Lennox has been making furnaces for over 100 years
  • Burgess has been a Lennox dealer for nearly 50 years
  • Lennox has consistently supported their products with parts and after market advice
  • Burgess’s reputation is dependent on the products it sells and supports
  • Lennox equipment available for all environments-residential, commercial, institutional, Industrial
  • Available government, utility, and manufacturer’s rebates & incentives

air conditioners

  • Central “whole house” systems
  • Add-on furnace systems
  • Spot cooling-packaged units, ductless splits
  • Packaged heat/cool units, gas & electric

heat pumps

  • Uses available free heat from the outside and delivers it inside
  • Seasonal add-on cooling and heating for the house furnace system
  • Can leverage energy $’s up to a factor of 3 times
  • Available government & manufacturer’s rebates & incentives

air conditioners / heat pumps

  • Add-on to whole house heating systems
  • Indoor comfort and humidity control
  • Dedicated “spot” cooling units
  • Heat Pumps for seasonal heating and cooling
  • Heat pumps will leverage your heating energy $’s up to a factor of 3
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional environments

gas furnaces

  • Lennox have been making furnaces for over 100 years
  • We have been a Lennox dealer for close to 50 years in Williams Lake
  • They have proven to be most consistent in customer support
  • We have parts inventory for all Lennox equipment, including commercial units
  • We service and repair all other makes of heating and cooling equipment
  • Sales & Service, Support
  • If you have Burgess, you have “One Less Thing to Worry About”


  • Exhaust fans-Kitchen Hood, Bathrooms, Humidity control, Remote units
  • Ducting, inside & outside terminations, grills, registers, hoods
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators, Reheat units, Installation materials & accessories
  • System design and/or installation
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Furnace / Air Conditioning Brands Burgess Plumbing

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