Heating Installation Services in William Lake & 100 Mile House, BC

Heating systems always seem to break down when least expected or at the worst times, like in the middle of a cold winter night. When a furnace ages, it becomes less efficient at heating a home. Homeowners in William Lake and 100 Mile House, BC need to be aware of the signs it is time to consider a new installation. Hiring professionals for Heating Service will ensure homes remain warm and cozy all winter long.

Signs a Home Needs a New Heating System

Furnaces will typically last between fifteen and twenty years, depending on how they are installed and maintained. The following offers some signs that should warn homeowners it is time to seek a new Heating Installation.

  • The age of a furnace offers one of the most prominent signs it is time for a new system. If the heating system is over fifteen years old and beginning to develop performance issues, it is likely time to install a new heater.
  • Older systems work less efficiently, causing rising energy costs. If a homeowner begins noticing their electric bills are skyrocketing, their old heating unit could be to blame. Replacing the system will allow for efficient heating, saving homeowners on their heating costs.
  • Homeowners may also notice their homes do not appear clean, despite taking care of dusting and other chores. If the home has excess dust, soot, and rust particles, the older heating system needs to be replaced with a more efficient model.
  • Another sign it is time to replace a system is humidity problems. Older systems can cause increases in moisture which leads to mold and mildew growth. Replacing the system will improve the indoor air quality of the home.
  • Uneven heating is another problem that should prompt homeowners to consider their heating options. When a system can no longer heat evenly, it is not going to keep a home comfortable.
  • Finally, the number of repairs a system goes through should offer clues as to whether it needs replacing. Older systems are going to begin breaking down more frequently. If homeowners are constantly calling for Heating Services, they should seek HVAC professionals for replacement help.

Understanding the Heating System Options

When it comes time for a homeowner to choose a new heating system, there are multiple options available. Homeowners need to research their choices to determine which one will offer the highest level of efficiency and comfort. The following are some heating options available to homeowners.


Furnaces are one of the most common heating units found in homes. A furnace works by blowing heated air throughout the ductwork of homes. Furnaces are referred to as ducted heating systems. These systems work with heat exchangers and air handlers to heat a home efficiently.


Boilers are special water heaters that also heat homes. A boiler is less common than furnaces in homes, but it offers efficient heating. Instead of fans and a duct system, boilers use pumps to circulate hot water through the home via plastic tubing in the flooring.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are also a common heating option for homes. A heat pump is simply a two-way air conditioner that works to cool the air inside the home during the summer and heat it during the winter. Practically every heat pump uses forced air delivery to move heated air throughout a home.

Rely On HVAC Professionals For Heater Installation

No matter which of the types of heating units homeowners choose, having a professional install them is essential. Heating systems are complex and involve electricity. Inexperienced homeowners could find themselves in over their heads with the installation. Novice installations could even prove dangerous.

First, technicians will come out and talk with the homeowners about their heating system options. The technician will determine which type and size the homeowner needs for the comfort of their home. Helping homeowners choose the right heating system is an essential service provided by HVAC professionals.

The HVAC technicians will remove the old system and prepare the area for the new model. Installing a new heating system takes time and attention to detail. Professional HVAC technicians come equipped with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to take care of all the steps involved in the installation.

Once the team completes the installation, they will inform the homeowners of how to operate their new system correctly. The technicians will also test to ensure every component of the system is working efficiently to heat the home.

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